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Transform Your Supply Chain

Reduce your supply chain spend by 40%

with a supply chain AI that fully automates procurement, logistics and operations for every product in your company.

AutoDemand automates the demand signal of each inbound raw material you source.
AutoProcurement automatically sources raw goods to meet your needs.
AutoLogistics automatically sources, schedules, and manages shipments – all the way down to the carrier and driver.
Vorto Gives You Superhuman Skills

Automate transactions between buyers, suppliers and logistics providers

The Vorto AI Supply Chain Automation platform eliminates silos between operations, demand planning, procurement & logistics organizations.

“Our operations run 24/7, but now I don't have to. Vorto doesn't send me an alert at 2am – its AI just solves the problem for me.”
Senior Supply Chain Manager
Fortune 100 Customer
Slash Your Cost of Delivered Goods

Cut your delivered goods cost in half

with AI powered decision making

$480 million
Reduction in Cost
Approx. Total for Vorto Customers (2019)
Stock Outs
Due to Just in Time Delivery (2019)
Improvement in Asset Utilization
Average across Customers (2019)
Tons of CO2 Emissions Avoided in 2019
That's the equivalent of 200,000 acres of forest
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